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The taming of the shrew: how to give your good girl her good girl spanking

Jennifer finally wins a bet with emma. My dark-haired wife and me are getting naughty indoors in homemade clip. I wonder what will happen when i get done spanking her? i haven’t a clue lol. Then if it is okay, move on to level 1. Orgasm alley is a manufacturer’s site, and offers the widest range of fine sex machines, fucking machines, spanking machines, and accessories, each handcrafted to meet an indivdual customer’s needs. I give e reward (good girl) spanking and punishment spanking(bad girl) she loves the rewards, but the punishment run a very close second.


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If you are at all experienced as a disciplinarian you should have a good sense of what the person you punish likes and does not like in the way of spanking. Most people do not masturbate on command, nor do they masturbate in front of others. It can apply to any aspect of their punishment.

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