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The corona is usually very stretchy and flexible, so even someone who has one that’s not yet eroded enough to be totally out of the way can have pleasurable sex without bleeding from that tissue when they are aroused and lubricated enough, be that lubrication from their own bodies or from a bottle. My question is that. ) if the hymen does bleed after penetration, the amount of bleeding will vary from barely noticeable spotting to drops of blood like from a bad paper cut. All information is for educational purposes only. You experience bleeding after their first time because of a break in the hymen. Ultimately, jessica told the guy she was dating about her own history because she didn’t want to lie.


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You should know, though, that oil-based lubes can screw with latex condoms and make them less effective. You can ask a free health question by downloading the. It up, and then use a menstrual pad if you need to.

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