Communist assholes are destroying america


How trump is slowly destroying americas national security agencies | jeffrey h smith | opinion | the guardian

In order to combat communism, you have to recognize it quickly and then oppose it. This really must be an exceptional place. Heraclitus, the article doesn’t quite say what you and n/a suggest/hope it does. As a historian let me tell you: this country has been communist, as you put it, for a very long time. Ladies, where do you think breast cancer came from?).

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Urban dictionary: commie979 best assholes images on pinterest | liberal logic, socialism and communism

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The 6 biggest assholes in the animal kingdom

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If a bird refuses to raise a cuckoo, then it gets visited by some adult cuckoos who will beat the crap out of them, trash the nest and possibly kill a few of their young in the process until the other bird wises up and stops asking questions the next time one of his kids look a little bit different. 92, 95, 33 l.