Facial for spots

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Acne: how to treat it

I think i wil try usin aloe vera bcs lemon is scarce in my area. The regular milk that you buy usually comes from livestock that have been injected with hormones to increase their lactating capacity. I will try with lemon inshaallah. In fact, facials aren’t even the best way to get acne under control. The deep-sea green, blue-green and brown algae are supposed to help supply intensive moisture to the skin, as well as help purify and detox the skin with the green-clay mask. I am 44 years but people think i am in my early 30s because i use lemon and aloe vera. More detail is in the main article.


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Prevention and management tips

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Six of the best: fake tans

This can treat dark spots on the skin. Don’t be afraid to ask the esthetician about her experience with treating acne. As far as possible, refrain from any touching of your face with your hands.

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