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16 masturbation tips for everyone with a vagina

Only better because you only have to worry about yourself and aren’t required to do any leg-burning bobbing. You may also want to use a small circular motion, depending on your preferences. Also, these are women reporting at least sometimes masturbating with a particular technique, not necessarily usually or always using that technique. Being on your back is the og position for a reason: you can have your legs spread to the high heavens, get right at the clit, and get off without a hitch (and minimal effort). My tip may seem simple, but it makes a big difference: use two fingers when ‘messing around’ with your clitoris. And now the program has loaded an “interactive” module, for me to try it on her. I’ve read and seen women masturbate on bedposts, baseball bats and a round, toilet brush, an eectric toothbrush on the clitoris and many various, electric dildos, etc.

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When i was a preteen, i was scared of touching myself and didn’t think i’d feel anything because it was just my own hand. To kick your solo session up a notch on the pleasure scale.

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