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As much as i am all for empirical evidence – there’s only so much you can deny without recognising that there is a visible trend. How about how mainlanders will sneeze openly into the air without covering or even lowering their faces, because they think colds are caught from breathing cold air, not the spreading of viruses. The link you cited as evidence of my thought crime was just me trying to reinforce to the trump supporters that it was a free internet – something hillary opposes – that helped the truth get out about her crimes. I have seen groups of asian individuals struggling to push a trolley to their house (thankfully around the corner from the mall and also an actual house). In short, empirical evidence entails either anecdotal evidence or evidence provided by a formal scientific study.

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If there is to be real equality, there should not be different treatment for men and woman. That’s why we call it out. I’ll post 1+ examples for each charge i levied, not because there aren’t more, but because i have better things to do than sift through your entire comment history (i’m sure you’d feel the same if you had to do it to me).