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What is the meaning of self-improvement is masturbation from the movie fight club? - quora

Why are we wired this way and how may we eliminate this collective suffering to a point where simple acceptance of the now is our highest achievable goal. It might take a while until your next consumption, but that is all good because you can foster on the experience for a longer period. Then you actually have to write some good content to keep it. Think of accepting the status quo as the first major step in changing it. Stop! let your thoughts settle and dissect the information you just absorbed.

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Self-improvement is masturbation

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Cult film club: paranoiac

Improvement masturbation self.


One should prioritise what is necessary to be improved and put the effort into it. And there is this strange, negative energy about them. I agree with your elaborations here, and i also sense the negative energy you have stated here.