Jazz lick piano

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How to play great jazz licks starting on any note

On second measure he starts with two roots then from the third makes his way down to approach the ab-7 chord with a b13,5th and #11, and lands on the maj 7 over the ab-7 which sounds great. His lh is great too! it really shows how simply your lh can be while improvising. Very similar pattern but without the triplets. The e, (the 9) and the c# are a simple approach to the root which he lands on but adds in two eighth notes and outlines chord tones for d minor in a descending fashion. You should definitely work on including these on downward and upward lines. He then finishes up with a 7th and 1.



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Jazz lick piano.


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He approaches the fifth of the g7 chord with a quick 16th note triplet which i love. The nice change he makes here is he uses the b natural here over a c-7 which gives it a minor major sound in his solo. In the second measure i also like how he finishes with the #9 and b9 again and resolves down to the fifth of the fmaj7.