Jew domination of all media

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Jewish media

Americans are labeled as stupid and we have to import higher educated people, from india and china. Of cause this will gut medicare, and will affect most senior citizens who payed their social security all their working life, and at his very moment are getting the best of medical care, with a small co-pay, a citizen is allowed hospital, office visits, and prescription medicines with a co-pay of $4. In 1967! over 200 casualties. That the rest of humanity is socially and spiritually, so far removed from these creatures indicates there is a foreign influence on these critters. We serbs had never problems with jews who lived in serbian lands among serbs. Remember how they manipulated the romans to kill jesus christ ? let others do their bloody work to keep their hands clean and also pilatus washed his hand in innocence.


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Media venues include nbc television, turner broadcasting, cnn, warner/chappell music, aol, & time magazine. You should see how these jewish folk run the nickel and dime scams in brooklyn.

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