Males have multiple orgasm

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Answers some key queries about the human body. The conclusion comes naturally: the first step in controlling your ejaculation is controlling your breath. More than 3,000 years ago, when they realized that men could have multiple full-body orgasms by withholding ejaculation. Instead, you need to. Sit on a chair, spine straight, feet on the floor, and head up. Don’t skip or ignore the safety precautions. Therefore, we wish to make it clear that the mere transmutation of the sexual potential energy (the transformation of sperm into sexual energy, or in other words the retention of the sperm inside the body and its transformation into other substances) is not enough to experience multiple all-body orgasms.

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Step two:

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Four types of male multiple orgasms

Or so i’ve read. Louis would go on to turn kinsey’s survey into hard evidence. A few minutes of daily abdominal breathing will teach your body to breathe deeply again, in a natural manner, even when you sleep.

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