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So what’s your risk from this clandestine laundromat activity? well, aside form annoying the hell out of whoever’s panties you chewed up and jizzed all over, i’d say none. I wish i could sniff yours and your friends. After the smells are gone i wear them and come in them as well. One by one i sniffed them. I’ll repost below some other “sniffing” posts from the archives. But yes, you are indeed a mental case. He was hoping this would lead to a wetter and hotter pussy, especially since she seemed totally relaxed and her sighs and mmm’s of approval were louder.


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Sometimes i will even add some warm water to a crusty pair so i can suck the smudge and taste and swallow her secretions. Last day she went for shower n i use that chance to open her bag n i find two dirty penties. When i was 13 i babysit a little boy while his mother worked.

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