Vaginal delivery twins


Delivering twins - vaginal delivery or c-section

I’m going over the same points that you mention too. No matter how long your pregnancy lasts, when you go into labor, your babies will be monitored closely to make sure you have the safest delivery possible. But there are cases where he’ll recommend a c-section: Sure, france and ireland do a little better than the us statistically, but we do pretty well too. Even though i’d heard of horror stories about tears and things in singleton births it didn’t phase me, i’m more worried about the babies now that i know these stories. Just over two hours of pushing, moved to theatre for ventouse delivery.

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Caesarean section and twins

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Can you have a natural birth with twins?

This means both babies are lying horizontally across your uterus. Tamba are a registered charity number (eng & wales ) 1076478, (scotland) sc041055, and a registered company number 3688825.

Can you have a vaginal birth with twins? heres what you need to know