Viruses and why they suck

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Why anti-virus software sucks : security

You may say that if many scanners detect it, it’s more likely a true positive and i’ll grant that. For themselves or for corporations, agencies, governments, or organizations. Some are for revenge. Great article, concise and to the point. They admittedly need help a lot often. Any program, any single program can write anywhere in the disc that isn’t reserved to other users (usually the admin). Lack of features also makes the program a hassle to use because every time you have to schedule scans and perform virus removal manually.


Why anti-virus software sucks | caleb fentons blog


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Viruses and why they suck.


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So yeah, it was reactive, but we could (theoretically) react very quickly, and yeah, it was signature based, but only on the client. Com | 212. Turns out, they have an option to scan for “pups” but it is disabled by default.

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